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Cooking With Will


I guess you could say that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.  A chip off the old block. My own little mini – me. All those corny sayings that imply that a child has taken on, or was born with a passion and love for something the parent has a passion or skill for. This would be the case for me with my youngest boy William.

Will has always had a love for food.  He loves to eat and will try anything you put in front of him at least once.  Anytime he can help in the kitchen, he runs for his apron and dives right in.

He will also sit down with me and watch the Food Network, good thing since it’s on the TV in my house basically non-stop.  His favourite show is Food Factory.  He loves watching how things are made.  He went through a phase about a year ago where we were having to DVR Food Network for him.  This probably explains what happened next.

The family was in the kitchen together and we decided to set out some fruits, yogurt, juices etc. and create a make-your-own smoothie bar.  We let the kids pick what they wanted in the smoothies and experiment.  William started verbalizing all of his decisions and steps.  He was explaining why he wanted each item and how many to use.  He was basically putting on a cooking show at this point, so, we encouraged him to keep talking, we taped it and we put it on YouTube.  Voila, Cooking With Will was born.

He was so blown away with seeing himself on YouTube he immediately had to make a second video that same day.00001_CaptureHe caught the bug and we’ve been making videos ever since.  He has shown the videos to family, friends, classmates, teachers and pretty much anyone who will watch.  I’m more than happy to be his camera man and post production crew and sit back and watch him be the star.

Will picks the dishes he wants to make and when he wants to make the videos, hence the gaps sometimes in the releases.  So far there hasn’t been a BBQ episode, but I’m sure it’s in the works if I can convince him!

As a Dad who loves to cook and BBQ it’s amazing to see my kid take such an interest in something his Old Man is into.

Here are his Episodes if you want to check them out.

Cooking With Will – Click the Titles Below to Watch!

The most amazing part of all of this is watching how much he is learning doing these videos.  In just 6 episodes he already remembers the names of most ingredients he has seen before and knows most by sight.  He understands when to ask for help and when he can try something out on his own.  And most important to me, he is developing a love and appreciation of all types of food.

Watch out Bobby Flay, here comes the next Food Network Star!



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