Steak Dinner

So last night I let the choice of meal fall to my wife and she decided in her wisdom that it was a good night for steak.  Who could disagree?  I also left the choice of side dishes up to her as well, besides one.

The menu?  Marinaded Steaks with Roasted Mini-Potatoes and Sauteed Mushrooms.  The item she didn’t pick that I added in was the Steamed Broccoli.



Because we were planning to marinade the steak we went with top sirloin.  I’m not going to get too much into what steaks to pick for what in this particular blog but I will cover it at some point.  For now here’s an easy tip.  Read the label on the meat or ask your butcher if you go to a meat shop.  The labels usually use terms like “marinading” “grilling” etc.  This is a good indicator if you need to do anything to them ahead of time.

I made a simple marinade of Worcestershire Sauce, Soy Sauce, Maple Syrup, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, Dijon Mustard and Orange Juice.  Because these are marinading steaks we want to make sure we use something with a bit of acid to help tenderize the meat, hence the Orange Juice.


 I put the steaks and the marinade in a big ziploc and marinaded for about 6 hours.


Everyone in my house loves those little roasted potatoes.  I have made these things at least a hundred times and they are very versatile as far as what flavours you can add.

Pre-heat your BBQ to full blast.

I started by washing and then cutting the little guys in half.  This is for one simple reason. More surface area.  The more surface area you have the more chance you have to get that nice golden brown crisp on the outside of each bite. Once they are cut, toss them in a big bowl.

For the seasoning I start by pouring in a good glug of Olive Oil.  This will help the seasoning coat the potatoes and help to crisp them up as they cook.  Next I add in Thyme and Garlic Chives from my garden, dried rosemary and salt and pepper.

 Mix it up really well to make sure the seasoning is well distributed and pour out on a large piece of foil.  I use the heavy duty foil to make sure that I don’t get any holes in the foil.

Fold the foil in half lengthwise and crimp down to seal the package across the middle.  Then roll up the ends to totally seal the packet.



Toss them directly on the BBQ and shut the lid.  We will cook the packet for roughly 20 minutes, flipping the packet half way through.


Now that the potatoes are on, lets get started on the mushrooms.

You can either buy and slice your mushrooms or buy them pre-cut.  I happened to be at Costco a few days ago and picked up a big pack of presliced Crimini Mushrooms (also referred to as Mini-Bellas as they are baby portobella mushrooms).

I want these guys to cook in butter to give them that nice flavour, but there is one problem.  Butter will burn very quickly over a very hot flame.  The solution is simple.  Put a splash of olive oil in with the pad of butter.  The oil insulates the butter and helps to prevent it from burning.  Plus the oil will help to brown up the mushrooms.  The best of both worlds!

 In the second picture you can actually see the butter being “protected” by the oil.

I simply waited till the butter and oil were nice and hot, tossed in the mushrooms with some salt and pepper and cooked until they were as soft and browned as I like.


The steak is the very last thing I cook.  It takes the least amount of time believe it or not.  About half way through cooking the potatoes I threw the steaks on.  Remember, we have the grill as hot as we can get it here.  The goal is to get a nice crust on the outside of the steak with some nice grill marks but still have the inside done to our likeness.  I always shoot for medium-rare.  This is obviously personal preference.

Toss on your steaks and shut the lid immediately.  DON’T KEEP OPENING THE LID AND FUSSING WITH THE STEAK.  We don’t want to loose all that heat we built up while preheating and if we keep moving them around we won’t get the nice grill marks and crust we are aiming for.

Fancy trick.  If you want to get those nice cross-hatch grill marks you see on steaks in restaurants or on TV its actually quite simple.  After the steaks have been on for a couple minutes, turn them a quarter turn on the grill and shut the lid.  When you flip them at the half way point in the cooking this is what you should see.

Mine aren’t perfect here but you get the idea.

Flip the steaks at the half way point in the cooking and continue cooking on the other side with the lid shut.

Make sure you only flip your steaks once.

When they are done to your likeness, pull them off and let them rest.  (I promise I will do a blog post on steak selection and cooking to your desired liking).


I timed my steaks so that everything was done at the same time so when I pulled the steaks off, the potatoes came too.

And here is the full spread once everything had a chance to rest and we were ready to eat.


By the way, the broccoli I just steamed until tender but still a bit crisp.



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