My Gear

One of the things I am asked about most is what type of bbqs and smokers I use when I make my food.

I have a variety of smokers, a propane and a charcoal grill and am always on the lookout for a new toy.

Here is a rundown on the current Smoker arsenal….

The always versatile Weber Smokey Mountain

And yes, I have both the small and large variety.

These are probably the best bang for your buck entry level charcoal smokers.  You can do anything from whole chickens, ribs, pulled pork, turkeys, desserts, whatever.  And yes, I have done all of those.  These bad boys will force you to learn the art of controlling air flow, charcoal and water pans.  I doubt there is a smokey mountain owner alive that doesnt know the distinct smell of a water pan run dry in one of these.

These guys run on charcoal.  Wood chunks are added to give  smoke flavour to the food.  Charcoal alone also has the ability to impart some flavour especially if you spend the extra couple bucks and get a good kind like Basque.

The Masterbuilt Extra Wide Propane Smoker

There are going to be those out there who will tell you that I am a sell out for using a propane smoker.  That it doesn’t make “true” bbq.  That this is for lazy people.

My response……so what?!  I really honestly could care less.  BBQ snobs be hatin’

This thing rocks.  To be honest, I probably use this 95% of the time I have to cook anything.  Why?  Its easy, its huge and it makes good food.

This thing is my #1 smoker now.  Yes, charcoal does feel more “real” when I use it and produces a slightly different product but notice I used the word different and not better.

Of course this is purely my opinion.

This can do anything and everything you can possibly think of including acting as a spare oven for Christmas or Thanksgiving by not adding wood, or moonlighting as a warming cabinet once everything is cooked.

This thing works on a standard propane tank and wood chunks or chips.  I prefer the wood chunks as it gives a longer and easier to control smoke than wood chips.  Wood chunks can be harder to find, especially in London Ontario but they are worth the effort.  I know Lowes carries hickory wood chunks.

I have been asked very recently what smoker I would recommend to backyard enthusiasts and I would go with the Masterbuilt every time.  I know of 2 people who have purchased these on my recommendations and both of them love it.  In fact a 3rd has purchased as well but I am still waiting on a verdict and a 4th person is in the near future.

Any questions, let me know!


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